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Caspian Stonechat
footage by Ashley Fisher

Footage of the 1W male Caspian Stonechat in St Warne's Cove, St Agnes, Scilly. This bird appears to show characteristics (mainly amount/extent of white on inner webs of outertail feathers) associated with the north Caspian taxon Saxicola maurus hemprichii (formerly variegatus).
Compelling discussion on the taxonomy and nomenclature of 'Stonechats' in the Caspian region can be found in Svensson et al (2012)*.

*Svensson, Shirihai, Frahnert & Dickinson 2012. Taxonomy and nomenclature of the Stonechat complex Saxicola torquatus sensu lato in the Caspian region. Bull BOC 132(4): 260-269.