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Reference lists by Joe Hobbs
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Rare seabirds off Scilly
Fea's Petrel in Scillonian waters: for an overview of all occurrences Click here
Fea's Petrel off Scilly: new to Britain. Read about the first confirmed sighting of Fea's Petrel in British waters Click here
Scoploli's Shearwater: read an account of how this first for Britain nearly got away Click here
Swinhoe's Storm-petrel: first for Scilly. Arguably the first at-sea sighting of this species in British waters: to read a detailed account Click here
Madeiran Storm-petrel 28th July 2007: first record for Britain Click here
Northern Fulmar: Notes/photos on the occurrence of an Atlantic light morph Click here

Identification of immature Salvin's, Chatham and Buller's
Albatrosses by Steve N. G. Howell Click here 
Identification of 'black & white' storm-petrels of the North Atlantic. To read the original British Birds article by Bob Flood & Bryan Thomas Click here
Occurrence and identification of the Band-rumped Storm-petrel (Oceanodroma castro) complex off North Carolina Click here
Occurrence and identification of the Leach’s Storm-Petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) complex off southern California Click here
Read Bob Flood's Birdwatch article on the identification of the regular 'black & white' storm-petrels of the North Atlantic Click here 

Identification of "Black Petrels", Genus Procellaria. To read this article Click here 

Articles of interest
Conservation and at-sea range of Bermuda Petrel, including new irange data based on geolocator studies Click here 

Pelagic Birdwatching: South-East Asia's final frontier? To read the paper by Poole, Brickle & Bakewell Click here 
Seabirds on Film - to read our
Birdwatch article Click here and here 
Chum and chumming techniques. To read Gary Allport's detailed article Click here
Trindade Petrel new to the West Indies. To read the article by Gochfeld et al Click here 

Look out for Bermuda Petrel, now known to forage along the coast of western Europe. To read the Bermuda Royal Gazette article Click here
The 'soft-plumaged petrel' complex: a review of the literature on taxonomy, identification and distribution. To read the original British Birds article Click here
Variation in the Black-capped Petrel - one species or more? Click here
Contribution to the study of petrels of the genus pterodroma in the archipelgo of Madeira. To read the paper by Zino and Zino Click here

An Atlantic Petrel Pterodroma incerta at Sea off Western Victoria, Australia. To read Rohan Clarke's article Click here 
The rise and fall of Bulwer's Petrel. Read the British Birds
paper examining recent reviews of records of Bulwer's Petrel in Britain Click here
Procellariiformes observed around Papua New Guinea including the Bismarck Archipelago from1985 to 2007 Click here
Status and subspecific identity of White-faced Storm-petrels in the western North Atlantic Ocean. To view article Click here
Black-bellied Storm-petrel in Madeira - First for the Western Palearctic Click here 
‘All-dark’ Oceanodroma storm-petrels in the Atlantic and neighbouring seas. To read the original British Birds article Click here 
North Atlantic possible, probable and rejected records of Swinhoe's Storm-petrel and extralimital Bulwer's Petrel Click here

Variation in Cory's and Scopoli's Shearwaters Click here
A Review of Moult and Ageing in Jaegers (Smaller Skuas) Click here

Observing oceanic birds in Sri Lanka Click here 
Brent Stephenson, Bob Flood et al. tell the true story behind the rediscovery of the New Zealand Storm-petrel Click here
To find out what pelagic birding is really all about Click here
Barau’s Petrel, the easiest Pterodroma in the world to see. To read Pete Fraser's article Click here
How many species of Oceanites storm-petrels frequent the eastern Pacific? New sightings raise more questions Click here

Read Bill Bourne's insights into the history and contemporary challenges of getting to grips with seabirds, their distribution and occurrence Click here
Roger Riddington offers a thoroughly entertaining introduction to beached seabird surveys and his two mega finds Click here

Trip Reports
Read Bob Flood's Trip to Bermuda, November 2013 Click here
John Brodie-Good Wildwings is one of the first to visit the
recently reopened Midway Atoll and witness its unique breeding seabird colonies Click here
Mythical seabirds of the Selvagens, Desertas & Madeira 1st-11th July 2008. To view the Celtic Bird Tours trip report Click here
Tony Pym Ornitholodays recounts a seabird filled Western Pacific Odyssey 2009
Click here
Read Tony Quinn's trip report on a 2009 Eastern Pacific Cruise Click here 

Book Reviews
Albatrosses, Petrels and Shearwaters of the World by Derek Onley and Paul Scofield Click here
Field Guide to New Zealand Seabirds Click here
Petrels night and day by Magnus Robb, Killian Mullarney and The Sound Approach Click here

The Isles of Scilly by Rosemary Parslow Click here

Steve Howell's Photo Quizes
Immature Shy Albatrosses Click here
Brown Boobies or brown boobies? Click here
Thayer's Gull and You: Finding Your Own Field Marks Click here

Seabirds landing on ships: Information on what to do Click here
Read about our trip to Annet to sound record British Storm-petrel with Magnus Robb of The Sound Aproach Click here
Shark tagging off Scilly: get
the latest update on the shark tagging program by resident expert Paul Whittaker Click here

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