Northern Fulmar:
notes on an Atlantic light morph

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Ashley Fisher & Bob Flood

Atlantic double light morph Fulmar

A light morph Northern Fulmar (score : Click here) was seen on 24 Apr 2003. Its feathers were at least one tone lighter than Northern Fulmars that breed in Scilly. It was noticeably smaller in all proportions compared to local light morph birds. The following relative differences in structure were approximated: body mass 75%, bill depth 65%–75% and length 80%, wing width 75% and wing tip more pointed, head-on girth 60% lacking the bull-headed look of local Fulmars. The main jizz difference resulted from size and faster wing beats. Plumage differences were notable too with body feathers including head, mantle, scapulars, rump, and tail all snowy white. Lower rear scapulars were pale grey. The eye crescent was barely noticeable.

Occurrence in Britain and Ireland of Atlantic light morph Fulmars is discussed briefly in Frontiers of Birding by Martin Garner (Bird Guides 2007).

Atlantic double light morph Fulmar