Fulmarine Petrels

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An essential resource for all seabird enthusiasts
Filmed & produced by experienced & knowledgeable seabirders
DVD (c. 50 mins) + informative narration throughout + 40 page booklet

Species covered: Northern Giant Petrel, Southern Giant Petrel, Northern Fulmar, Southern Fulmar, Cape Petrel, Antarctic Petrel, Snow Petrel

Main features: Group introduction, species accounts, range maps

Special features: Separation of Northern & Southern Giant Petrels, & Atlantic & Pacific Northern Fulmars; footage of confusion species including Sooty, Light-mantled Sooty & Black-browed Albatrosses, White-chinned Petrel, Sooty Shearwater; also footage of Wandering Albatross, Wilson’s Storm-petrel, Subantarctic Skua & Pale-faced Sheathbill
Fulmarine Petrels DVD by Bob Flood & Ashley Fisher

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Fulmarine Petrels DVD is multi regional and plays in all regions
Please note: this DVD is PAL format & multi regional

Only 19.00 (equivalent to US$30.00 or €22.00) including postage and packing