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Shearwaters, Storm-petrels & Bulwer's Petrel, Pterodroma Petrels and Albatrosses & Fulmarine Petrels on PDF Pen Drive.


All 4 guides in pdf format on one pen drive (pdfs encrypted, cannot be downloaded). Highly praised by leading seabird experts. Pen drive partitioned, leaving over 6GB of accessible memory for additional seabird e-documents. Take on your travels over 1,200 pages of cutting-edge knowledge about North Atlantic tubenoses in a compact and lightweight pen drive. Enlarge high resolution photographs and illustrations to explore the details of structure and plumage for ID purposes; or simply to enjoy the beauty of the albatrosses, petrels, shearwaters and storm-petrels on high resolution screens. The 4 guides cover one-third of the tubenoses of the world.

Multimedia Identification Guides: 4 PDFs on USB

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