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Welcome to Scilly Pelagics: pelagic trips operating out of St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly. You'll find information about our pelagic trips and our studies of seabirds observed off Scilly and across the world. You can book pelagics and purchase our multimedia guides and clothing. 


Scilly Pelagics is managed by Bob Flood and Joe Pender. We provide expert knowledge about seabirds, seabirding, seamanship and where to find seabirds and ocean wildlife in Scillonian waters. We offer an unsurpassable service in the British Isles for pelagic birding. Scheduled trips and private charters are available.

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July/August 2024 Birder Special Pelagics

What we offer...


Birder Special Pelagics

Scilly Pelagics was launched in 2006 to cater for the ever-growing interest in seabirds and other wildlife regularly found in Scillonian waters. Scilly Birder Special Pelagics are a long weekend – Friday to Monday inclusive – to see and photograph as many specialities as possible, in particular Cory's and Great Shearwaters and Wilson's Storm-petrel.


Sapphire Pelagics

Operated by experienced seaman and skipper of MV Sapphire Joe Pender, Sapphire Pelagics offers short-range pelagic trips combining seabirding with a shark-tagging programme. A team of experienced local birders and shark taggers will be on board to help with spotting, identification and distributing chum, the key ingredient to attracting sharks and seabirds.


Multimedia ID Guides

Multimedia Identification Guides to North Atlantic Seabirds is a unique series of books and DVDs covering the detailed identification of all Procellariiformes occurring in the North Atlantic. The series includes Storm-petrels & Bulwer's Petrel; Pterodroma Petrels; Albatrosses & Fulmarine Petrels; and Shearwaters. This groundbreaking collection is a vital addition to any seabirder's library.

Our new range of quality embroidered Scilly Pelagics clothing includes

caps, polos, and hoodies all available in grey and navy blue.

Polos (men's and women's) and hoodies available in various sizes. 

Scilly Pelagics clothing range 

Pelagic Customer Reviews

Quotes from Twitter...

Just had the absolute best day, watching common dolphin bow-riding during the Scilly Pelagic. Also, the 19+ Wilson’s Storm-petrels were OK! SB

@scillypelagics thank you so much for the last two days. Great birding. Trips so well organised and call-outs and directions are superb. Great fun, tremendous views. Anyone reading this, go do it! BU

Superlative seabirding today with @scillypelagics. BD

Just the best of birding experiences. Wilson’s Storm-petrel, Great Shearwater, Cory’s Shearwater …just some of the highlights of the Scilly Pelagics weekend, enjoyed with my son. Brilliant @scillypelagics. ST

A fantastic 3 days with so many highlights. Thx for an unforgettable experience. SC

One of the best, if not the best birding trips I’ve been on. RK

You could nearly touch the shearwaters. Absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait for next year. GM


Had a brilliant day on Sunday. Life-ticked Wilson’s. Huge numbers of Great Shears, loads of Cory’s, all point-blank views. Thanks guys. MB

Trip of a lifetime. BP

Genuinely the best birding experience of my life! Thank you so much. AT

Absolutely fabulous four days with Scilly Pelagics. Memories are made from trips like that. RH

My 1st trips with @scillypelagics for ca 10 years were excellent – e.g. on Saturday we spent ˃20 mins surrounded by Wilson’s Petrels. NW

Our trip was simply joy. GE

Genuinely one of the best birding trips I’ve been on for a while, @scillypelagics were fantastic. SF


Isles of Scilly,
United Kingdom

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